Any recommended app for left-handed Apple Pencil user?

Hi, I’m left-handed. I’m delighted with apps that allow me to change the UI for right/ left-hand mode. Sometimes, flipping the UI takes developers a couple of iteration before they add it as an option. Most games are still built for right-handed so I’m happy with games like Vainglory for adding a way to flip the UI. Sometimes adding right/left-hand mode is not as easy as flipping the UI, it takes some careful consideration too.

It’s also challenging when apps are built for the Apple Pencil in mind. For example, Notability app’s note switcher is still situated on the right-hand side of the screen, making it difficult for a lefty to quickly switch notes. Lightroom for iPad has their editing tools on the right-hand side, using the Apple Pencil literally cover the image with my hand making it difficult to use the Apple Pencil for editing. PDF Expert, I was able to adjust to it but sometimes my wrist taps the tools and it breaks my workflow.

Here are my recommended apps for left-handed and I hope other lefty here adds more to my list.

Linea Sketch
LumaFusion (different layouts)
Affinity Photo
Fifty-Three Paper

Lightroom for iPad added a left-handed mode for editing.


I’ve been using GoodNotes as a lefty. The toolbar is on top so it is neither right nor left. I never think about UI. It is just nice to have palm rejection with the Apple Pencil.


Thank you! It’s fascinating that left-handed people has different ways in adapting to objects and environment. I Know some people requires a lefty mouse while I’m use to a normal mouse for right handed people. Some can play a guitar with their right while some needs to flip the guitar.