Any salvation to an overheated MacBook Pro?

Yesterday noon, I’ve closed my laptop without shutting it down and put it into my bag, as per usual. That evening, I found the fan whirring strongly and the body heated up. Immediately I shut it down and then tried to turn it back on. Alas, it didn’t turn on.

I put it on the charger and did an SMC reset. The charger light blinked momentarily from orange to green. At this time, the unit has a more normal temperature (slightly warm, but not hot). Still it doesn’t turn on.

Based on a suggestion “on the web”, I’ve hold the power button for 10 seconds, Released it, pulled out the power plug, hold the power button, and while keeping the power button held down, I’ve put the plug back in and waited for another 10+ seconds (probably about 12 seconds actual). Still it didn’t turn on. I’ve pressed the power button again, still won’t turn on.

Then I placed the unit in my bag.

Strangely the unit seems to warm my bag. Indeed, after about half an hour, it became hot again even when the screen off and no apparent activity on keyboard backlight as well. I had to take it out from my bag every now and then to prevent it from overheating (again).

Back home, I’ve charged it again. It seems to be charging. SMC reset seems to respond. However no screen nor backlight, not even the chime.

What can I do to revive it? Logic board replacement seems very costly and probably not worth while if I’m just looking to resale it at this point of time. However I’ve asked around and shops only offers $50 for a dead unit.

Model: MacBook Pro Retina 15" Early 2013 w/ NVidia GPU.

RIP MacBook Pro…

On a more helpful note I reckon your best bet at this point is probably to take it to the Genius Bar and have them run their diagnostics, even if they tell you the logic board is stuffed you don’t have to get it fixed, since you seem to have tried all the usual quick fixes

“Unit seems to be charging”. Do you actually get a full charge? Your battery might be failing, is cheaper than a logic board. Genius bar will tell ya…

I was able to get to the boot login screen by disconnecting/reconnecting the battery and performing SMC reset. But halfway through booting the unit turns off. The same goes whenever I tried to start the recovery utility, it boots halfway and then turn off.

The thing is I can’t reset NVRAM since I have a firmware password set. However I can’t even start the recovery utility to un-set the firmware password.

Worse is that the unit won’t start the second time. I had to reconnect the battery and reset SMC to get it to start again.

The battery gets charged to around 40% as shown by the boot login screen.