Any Smart Shades Out there

hey MPU,

Does anyone have a good recommendation on smart shades?
The living room and office (as well as the upstairs bedroom) heat up a lot, despite the ceiling fans, and AC, the rooms are still hot.

I am hoping if I install solar shades or blackout shades, they would at least block out a bit more. But hoping if they come “smart”

Lutron Serena shades are HomeKit and they offer a blackout cellular version!

I have had 3 motorized Serena shades in my house for nine years with no problems. They work with HomeKit and Home assistant and can be manually controlled with a pico remote.

Lutron shades if you want the best and are willing to pay.

I am hearing a lot lately about SmartWings as very affordable, DIY installable, and compatible with a wide range of automation systems.

Have not tried them, but might be worth a closer look.

I had a set of the IKEA smart shades. They worked well and had a good price.

Eve has them.