Any snippet/text replacement managers that integrate with the system text replacements?

Title says it all but are there any text replacement/snippet managers that integrate with the system one? Mainly so they are usable on iOS as well without having to install a third-party keyboard like TextExpander.

I know it’s somehow possible to edit that list through it’s config files, kill the cloud system and hope to get it synced but before tinkering with that, any ideas?

Not that I’m aware.

On the Mac, you mean? Yes, I’ve had success with that, and I haven’t had to kill the cloud sync to make it work.

It really sucks that this feature isn’t baked into iOS. I’ve looked (several times) to see if an app could get it done but I’ve not found a way.


They’d be limited to the system options then though, so reverting to the system one would then be enough. Apple does not allow other expansion options on iOS to integrate this deeply.

I spent a while searching for an application like this and I gave up. I ended up just using the system text replacement as I use it all the time in iOS apps, and I need it in apps like Mail that don’t support TE.

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