Any Text Processing/Transformation App?

Hi everyone, I’m looking for Text Processing/Transformation app, like TextBuddy or TextSoap, that is free, automation-friendly, and allows adding custom processing scripts/functions.

I do have keyboard maestro but it seems a little heavy for this and does not have that many processing functions thatTextBuddy and TextSoap have.

Processing Functions like escape JSON, remove alphanumeric chars, remove numbers, remove letters, etc. There can be thousands.

TextSoap is in Setapp. So if you have a subscription to that then it is free

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There were some nice recommendations in another thread recently.
One free tool was:

Does that maybe fit your need?

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I recommend Boop—it’s free, scriptable, open source, and native.


since you already have Keyboard Maestro, I’d try automating your text processing needs with it, the forum is helpful when your stuck


This definitely seems promising. Trying it right now and seems to check all the boxes. Do you have any automation built around it so it’s easier to get text into and out of it, like Apple Script / Alfred Workflow, etc?

Right now, I have to trigger a service, execute an action, and copy the text.

Since we’re Mac Power Users, I’ll recommend python (included wth MacOS). It meets all of your stated criteria. Since I’m trying to be helpful, I won’t recommend sed which is also included with MacOS :slight_smile:


Came here to post this :rofl: Why not throw vim in while we’re at it.


Why don’t you just manually change the bits on the SSD using electromagnetism?

Oooh, or if you just phase into a different universe where the bits are already the way you want them, you don’t have to do anything at all! That’s really the easiest way…


:sweat_smile:. I totally agree.

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I didn’t look into any automation around it, no.

I don’t actually use the app at all right now, but when I was working on a project that required a lot of text manipulation this was my go-to and it was brilliant.


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