Any TickTick users out there?

I’m tiring of my regular OF/Things flip-flop; Todoist doesn’t appeal to me and my brief foray into Microsoft To Do was… well… brief.

Has anyone spent a serious amount of time with TickTick? I saw it mentioned in a comparison video on YouTube and, based on a brief perusal of their website, it seems to be fairly feature-rich.

Before I spend time (and maybe money) investigating it further, I wondered if any of the good folk on here have trodden this path already? Maybe some experienced OF or Things users have been there? I’d appreciate any real world comparisons. Thanks in advamce.

I tried it about six months ago. The Mac app was … a little lackluster, but it’s worth considering I think.

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I’ve tried it in the past a couple of times. It’s full of features but IMHO they are lacking some polish: for example bidirectional calendar sync takes random amounts of time to sync, Different platforms have different features, and so on.

On the plus side, they deploy new features at a breakneck pace. I’d say give it a go for a month or so.

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The feature list is indeed impressive. I have the free version on iPhone, iPad and Mac and so far so good.

It appears to have all the best (for me) features of both OF and Things 3 … plus Kanban, Todoist-style parsing and status updates and much more.

As you say, the proof will be in an extended usage period but it’s certainly justified a few weeks of trial.

I will report back in due course !

By the way, @ismh - the Mac app seems fairly decent too in latest version. Time will tell.

I like TickTick. But I feel they are a company that tries to do too much. They support so much that I think they’re spread thin and some rough edges are left unpolished.

But they are feature rich, cross platform, and overall decent UX.

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I used TickTick for a long time when I started my journey into to-do apps. I really liked it! It has a lot of great features. It is a little rough around the edges compared to Todoist BUT if the UI appeals to you, I would say it is a worthy option.

I ultimately switched to Todoist due to better calendar sync and superior natural language support. I also had some concern about TickTick being an app developed out of China, though supposedly all data is stored in the US.

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I like TickTick a lot. They are very generous with their free plan insofar as subtasks, multiple reminders, habits, etc. And their apps are actively developed, native, with better UX than anything I have found except Things 3. But in the end two things have made me switch mostly to Things 3. Firstly, TickTick is a Chinese app even though they claim to run on US servers. Secondly, AFAIK, TickTick does not distinguish between do and due dates. This is lacking in most task managers, not just TickTick. But Things 3 and OmniFocus account for it and it’s the whole crux of them being a cut above the rest. A project’s deadline may be Thursday, but you put it under Monday with the intent to do some work on it Monday. Most task managers would call it “overdue” if you haven’t finished it by Tuesday.

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Thanks - I may be missing some of the nuance here as I am very new to TickTick but don’t all three handle the Overdue piece but in a slightly different ways. In fact, I’m wondering if TickTick handles better than the other two, based on my very limited testing just now …

In Omnifocus

  • you might add a Defer Date for Monday, when you plan to start the Task
  • the Due date would be Thursday, when it must be done by
  • depending how you set up Forecast View and/or Perspectives, this may appear on your radar from Monday onwards and become overdue on Friday

In Things

  • you would add a start date of Monday and a Deadline of Thursday
  • the task appears on your Today list on Monday and shows as overdue on Friday

In TickTick:

  • you add a Start Date of Monday and a Due Date of Thursday (admittedly you need Premium for this, but you’re also paying for OPF/Things too and its circa $2-$3 per month)
  • on Monday it appears on Today (plus Tomorrow and Next 7 Days) as something that is to be worked on during that period
  • On Friday it shows in red as Overdue and is at the top of your Today list (see test image below)

I’m not sure any of them would show it as being overdue on Tuesday when it isn’t actually overdue until Friday, would they?

Is the nuance that the Projects don’t have Due Dates in TickTick but the tasks do perhaps?

I am unsure whether the Chinese development team troubles me or not right now to be honest. Is there any evidence of this being an issue?



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Well, I’m a week into using this app and am blown away by it.

For the last 10+ years, I have flipped between OmniFocus and Things 3 … all the time wishing for the best of both worlds. I dabbled briefly with ToDoist but hit a fundamental issue with repeating sub-tasks so early into my trial that I lost trust very quickly.

Although TickTick does not check every box, it is coming pretty damn close, and I discover more features every time I look under the covers - without the complexity and friction of OF.

It gives me far more flexibility to work the way I want to than Things 3.

The development velocity is far greater than either of the above.

Some of the specific features I have found particularly pleasing …

  • ToDoist style date parsing - which (like most features) you can disable if it’s not your thing
  • The ability to comment / journal on each Task, with auto-timestamping … something I had to hi-jack the Notes field for in other Apps … with cumbersome semi-auto timestamping
  • Custom Smart Lists (Perspectives) and Tagging
  • Start and End Dates (with subscription)
  • Manual (and auto) list sorting
  • Location based reminders
  • Kanban view - which I won’t use that frequently but is there for my project-style tasks
  • A handy built-in Pomo Timer and Habit Trackers
  • Usable widgets and Apple Watch app
  • Multi-platform and a (thus far) robust sync

… and, most importantly, whenever I think “it would be really good if it did X” … I dig a little deeper and find that exact feature lurking just of sight until I need it.

I have struggled to find any key features in OF or Things that TickTick does not also cater for, when reviewing my own personal workflow. It is a superset of the two thus far.

Yes, it’s early days, but I think it might be a sticker - at a time when I have felt increasing levels of frustration with my previous Apps.

Yes, the UI is a little more clunky and inconsistent in places than Things 3 but I can live with that - and its impressive just how many platforms they cover.

Yes, Defer dates that actually hide the Task would be preferable to a Start Date that doesn’t but I can live with that too as it is far outweighed by the other benefits.

I only realise now that I may have been an ‘Apple snob’ by only looking at Apps that are limited to the ecosystem in which my plethora of devices operate. TickTick does it as well, if not better than, many of those and plays on a much broader field too.

Yes, its a Chinese development house but they are very very good at it and have answered the questions about data storage to my satisfaction.

I’ll report back (@Bmosbacker Note Taking style !) if I change my mind and head back to one of the other Apps once my system has had time to fully settle but, for now, I’m excited by this one…

EDIT: I forgot to add … 95% of all of the functionality is available in the free version. I have paid the (relatively low) subscription for Start Dates and Smart Lists but most may be able to manage without them.


I use ticktick, but I can’t find a way to set duration without start time. In other words, this task lasts two hours, and should be done “soon”, but it doesn’t matter exactly when.

Yes, I think their description of the Start & End Time feature as ‘Duration’ can be confusing.

Depending how precise you want to be with your Duration, maybe a combination of Tags and Smart Lists would work? You could have Tags for different time durations “15Mins”, “30Mins”, etc and then Smart List to combine these with other metadata perhaps?

Maybe… Seems overkill for my usage, but some might try that :innocent:

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I tried this after one of the recent podcast episodes around hyper-scheduling.

While I liked a lot of it, I got slightly frustrated with the lack of flexibility around some of my regular tasks. For example, things like “Taking the kids to school” would only be relevant on week-days, but I couldn’t set them as such. So they showed up at weekends too, when my schedule is very different.

I also had issues with the sync across devices and with my calendar.

To be fair, this was my first foray into the world of hyper-scheduling so there may well have been issues on my side too but, while there was a load of great stuff too, I just felt that I couldn’t justify another subscription

You can definitely do weekday repeats … see below.


TickTick just added support for the Eisenhower Matrix!

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Interesting! Some day when I have less to do I have to test that. Currently using Omnifocus to learn GTD.

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