Any tricks for WeMo plugs?

I have quite a few, all 8, WeMo plugs that refuse connect to my network. I’ve gone through all the steps to reset them and read them with not luck. I’ve done this with all three of my dual outlet Meross plugs with no problem.

Anyone else have issues with WeMo plugs and have some advice for getting them to work with HomeKit?

I always had trouble with my wemo plugs. One day they just started working.

I replaced my expensive WeMo (WiFi) plugs by cheap IKEA (Zigbee) plugs and no longer have connectivity issues…

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Do you have a wireless network that has the 2.4g and 5G bands behind the same SSID? For example netgear orbi.

Have you tried calling their support number? Years ago I was able to receive replacement plugs due to this issue. Pretty sure they were out of warranty as I had already had them for a couple years.

Yes. I followed all the trouble shooting steps they provided. I have an Eero and it’s one of the first things I did.

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I have gradually replaced all of my Wemos (and I had a lot) because of constant problems maintaining a connection. Every single Wemo mini plug I have left is currently non-responsive. I have tried reseting HomeKit, adding a new home (total pain), and resetting each individual Wemo miniplug multiple times. Even the Wemo app can’t find them most of the time. The Wemo wall switches don’t even show up as non-responsive and have disappeared even though they are “connected.” Lutron Caseta has been flawless and my Meross switches and Garage Door opener average about 90%. I have a TP link Deco system that has otherwise been flawless for over fifty devices. I even tried the separate dedicated 2.4 gHz IoT network that the TP Link software offers to no avail.

That’s what I found to be true too.

I’ll probably be going with TP-Link or Meross.

I ordered some Onvis matter-enabled Homekit compatible plugs during Prime Day. I’ll report back. It would be nice to get these things off of the WiFi. I have a recent Apple TV 4k Ethernet that can serve as the required thread border router.

Oh, if we need more suggestions: I also have one Philips (Zigbee) plug that works great as well.

It’s more expensive than the IKEA ones, but if you already have a Hue bridge and would still have to buy an IKEA bridge, this might be a good alternative.

(I know it should be possible to mix peripherals and bridges, but I think you can’t do firmware updates then)