Any Word On Outlook For Mac Redesign?

Has anyone heard anything about the coming redesign of Outlook for Mac? It was announced in October 2017. Looks much better and more “Mac like” Here is an article about it from The Verge.

Looking forward to it. Apple Mail is too buggy for me having to force quit it a couple times a week. Spark is good and what I’m using, but has connection errors pretty regularly. Outlook has been the most reliable and our company uses Office 365 email.

I haven’t heard much, although I would expect them to roll out the O365 version before the standalone version goes RTM.

I did extensive research 2 years ago on the different email clients on macOS. I tested Spark, Airmail, PostBox, Canary, Apple Mail, and Outlook. I never really clicked with Spark, and although I used it for a while, I grew disenchanted with Airmail. I still can’t understand the logic of having the attachment at the bottom of the email message in airmail and this was a major reason to stop using it.

Outlook is a solid email client. It renders tables and content better than most of the other apps, and has solid search and smart folders. I’ve settled myself on not using the calendar and contact functionality of Outlook and rely on it as my email client only and have been very pleased so far. It’s been my email tool of choice for over 2 years.