Anybody else ever have their Apple Hardware lost in shipment?

This is a first for me. My new 16" fully loaded MBP should have been here over a week ago. Tracked it all the way to my local Depot and then it sits there for days. So disappointed.

Sorry to hear this. I’ve never experienced it, but this kind of thing has happened:

I wonder how long it will take Apple to re-send you the product… keep us posted!

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It isn’t necessarily stolen, I had one time where the “investigation” found the item and they got it back on its way to me. Of course, I have had an “investigation” take a week, and then they said it’s gone. Then you have to wait for UPS to tell Apple that so they will send you a new one.

This was years ago, but one time I had a box arrive from UPS that had been obviously opened and taped closed. The UPS guy just showed it to me and took it back to file a claim.


I am very sorry to hear that. Just push to get an investigation started asap. I really sorry, very disappointing.

“We solved it! It’s missing, just as reported!”

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So it’s obviously stolen. My mid November delivery is now the end of January. I’m incredibly unhappy.

So sorry about that. Not a nice experience for sure. At least it’s figured out and you are not in the limbo any more.

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The saga continues. I noticed that they were waiting for me to return my laptop for replacement. During an online chat last night, I found out that they had accidentally classified the laptop as damaged rather than lost/stolen. Meanwhile I never heard a peep from UPS as to what happened to it. My old laptop is hanging on by a strand! First world problems, but still…

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I’ve seen crazier. About half a year ago the post office sent me one of those “sorry your mail was damaged” bags with a small package in it. The package had been completely destroyed (presumably by their equipment), and the item inside the package was gone. But they felt like they needed to deliver it.

And a couple months later I got a “sorry your mail was damaged” bag with ANOTHER “sorry your mail was damaged” bag inside.

Problem solved, I…guess? :smiley:

Well, if it’s been bouncing from place to place with UPS for this long “damaged” probably isn’t that crazy of an assumption. :wink:

All kidding aside, I really hope you get your replacement sorted out soon!

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