Anybody having consistent crashes with Sonoma?

When I walk away from my computer (M1 MBA 16GB/1TB) for the evening, I’ll frequently come back in the morning and see that my “computer was restarted because of a problem.”

This is the third or fourth day in a row of this now. And obviously I’m not actually in front of the computer when it happens.

Is there any way to get insight into what might be happening?

ETA: Reading that USB-C docks can sometimes cause problems, particularly when an external display is connected. But it will typically work all day, until I’m not sitting here - and I can’t just do my work without the display. Might a Thunderbolt dock be the solution? I’d prefer to not drop $200+ if I don’t have to, of course…

Once upon a time I had similar issue with a 2019 Mac mini, although mine crashed and restarted upon shutdown. I never discovered the root cause. However, once I switched to my Mac Studio, and moved my connected devices from the mini to the studio, the crashes stopped.

Thus perhaps disconnect things and see if that helps, adding items back until the issue recurs.

The other thing that comes to mind is that since you note the issue does not occur while working with the machine, it may be that there is an issue when the system or device goes to sleep? You could try keeping everything awake overnight.

Good luck getting it sorted.


You can try poking around in the Console for clues.

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Incidentally, this is my exact issue:

I completely reinstalled from a clean copy, didn’t migrate settings, and only added back apps that I needed. It still has the problem. I’ll open a QT video, and the whole UI will lock up (mouse works, but can’t click anything), then it will crash and restart.

The consensus seems to be “don’t use QuickTime,” but that’s not really a solution. :slight_smile: