Anybody here uses an eink tablet like boox, supernote or remarkable? What’s your workflow?

You can get to an ongoing note very quickly on a Scribe. You need to disable Powersaver in the Advanced Options so that the Scribe turns on quickly. The battery will drain faster as a consequence. You wake the Scribe with side button or by lifting off a magnetized cover, and your note appears with very little delay.

For quick notes, I prefer having a pad of paper nearby and a fountain pen. It’s more fun writing with a fountain pen.

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Supernote’s auto-sleep setting can be set to “Never.”

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The more I look at the Supernote, the more I think that might be a good fit for me. I am surprised I have not heard of it until you mentioned it in this thread. Remarkable’s subscription is a huge drawback, but it seems like everything is going subscription based at this point.

I don’t remember how it showed up on my radar, but I was definitely going to go with Remarkable until I heard about the Supernote and learned more about it. (And somewhere in between I was also absolutely convinced I’d get a Boox Note Air…)

I highly recommend doing a deep dive into the reviews that Voja does at My Deep Guide. That’s where I had my mind changed (twice) about which one to buy.

He’s doing a live stream on Thursday with two other guys who do a lot of pretty thorough YouTube reviews of e-ink devices, during which they’re going to do some kind of debate. Might be worth watching to get a range of perspectives. (Ignore the weird thumbnail they’re using to promote it. I think it’s supposed to be ironic.)

The one thing you just can’t get when you’re shopping for these things is the chance to write on all of them for comparison. My wife has a Remarkable, and I do somewhat prefer the writing feel of that over the Supernote, but I prefer them both over writing on the iPad, and the organization and linking on the Supernote (and Remarkable’s penchant for subscriptions) adds up to me preferring the Supernote.

This guy’s modest Supernote videos are also worth watching to get a feel for what it’s like to use one.


My new Boox Tab X arrived.

Quick impressions: it’s basically an Android tablet with e-ink display. Could install GMail, Evernote, and several music apps from the Google Play Store.

Pros: display is crisp and easily read.
Cons: it’s not an iPad.

Pencil: Writing feel is better than on an iPad with the provided pencil, but not exactly like paper. there’s not much delay, but I’d say it’s comparable with an 2017 iPad Pro with first Apple Pencil. The tip of the pencil is great and it seems to me that it is pressure-sensitive. The pencil has an eraser but it’s a hard plastic button that you press while moving the pencil on the screen, seems like you could scratch or break the e-ink surface with it!

Reading: I installed the Kindle app and forgot about the rest.

UI: The UI is kind of strange coming from Apple to an Android device, but has some niceties like a “floating magic ball” (like the accessibility shortcut) that you can configure to some actions, it is helpful.

Display: Saying that it has some “special modes optimized for watching videos” is basically a joke.

Syncing: There is a Boox Sync utility but frankly could not really understand how it works. I will probably be using Evernote to transfer stuff.

My intended use case is to read and annotate sheet music, for that purpose the huge 13’’ display is great, but would not recommend it to anyone as the pricing is well settled in iPad Pro territory.


Thanks for the impressions. I have been reading the reviews and decided it is not for me, but it looks kind of neat. I love that it is something unique.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Kindle Scribe. It’s a great large Kindle. Probably the best Kindle ever made. Great display, fast, and annotating/highlighting books is great. And writing on it is a joy, it is that good. The software is all but worthless on the notes side of things though. It’s fine if you just want to write and think of it like a real pad of paper, but for professional use, it is far too limited.

So I have been using my Pencil with iPad a pro a LOT more. I don’t enjoy writing with it as much as the Scribe, but I found planning and writing with it quite helpful. Software again is a bit limited though. Notability is a sub. GoodNotes is making both of my iPads quite hot and killing the battery (plus rumor is that it is going sub based as well). Nebo is amazing at converting to text, but I often get frustrated on formatting. (I am fine with a sub if it reasonable and the software is really good to justify it.)

I think I will buy a Supernote or Remarkable soon. Supernote’s hardware isn’t impressive, and there seems to be quality issues, but the software is great. Remarkable has great hardware, but more limited software. Remarkable did change their subscription though, to make it much more tolerable.

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Oh, forgot to add I was waiting for something new in the 13’’ space because my eyesight is terrible these days and will not be getting any better. 13 inches is a little bit too bulky to comfortably hold or move around, in that sense the reMarkable looks perfect. But in my use case I can comfortably read sheet music putting it on top of my digital keyboard.

I ended up following suit with a Boox Tab Ultra (will be here tomorrow). I kind of love doing hand written notes on the Scribe, but the limitations are driving me nuts. I want a full fledged daily planner on it, as well. I have been trying to replicate it on the iPad, but I do not enjoy writing on the iPad, and my hand writing gets bad quickly.

I am not loving the idea of having an Android tablet and all that involves, but the Remarkable is too limited, and the Supernote’s hardware and quality seems not to be the greatest (been following the Reddit and there seems to be a enough concerns that it makes me nervous). Plus, I really appreciate the backlit screen of the Scribe, and the other 2 don’t have that. So I will see how it goes. The newest Boox models do seem to be the most advanced eInk devices out there. I do wonder if being stuck on Android 11 will be a long term problem with it though.

How is the writing experience on it for you? I read that it’s not a paper-like experience, but it’s fine. I just hope it’s not too much like the iPads.

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The feature I pine for most on the Supernote is light. I’ll be eager to hear how it works out for you. It has to be better than writing on an iPad, in any case.

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I did some testing of where I will be using it the most with the Scribe. I would have to buy some sort of desk light to use a non-backlit screen, so that made lighting a much bigger requirement for me.

Still, the Supernote is the one I want to get in the long run and they are supposed to be releasing an updated version this quarter according to their road plan they posted on Reddit. Except it doesn’t sound like a major change. Something about it will have a Linux or Android backend available. I have seen a few complaints on Reddit about page turn speed, touch not working, and the casing cracking. I would love if they updated the hardware to be a bit higher quality.

I believe it is fine, at least I don’t have the feeling of writing on glass as with an iPad. Responsiveness is so and so, not better than my 2017 iPad Pro --haven’t tried newer iPad models–. This is with the stock Boox apps but I’ve found that the Evernote app has much higher lag when editing notes. Also, Mobile Sheets work fine --that’s my main use case-- but suffers when anotating sheets with higher zoom levels (I have bad eyesight and cannot sightread sheet so I need to annotate digitation and even note names on the staff so I need to work with pretty big zoom). Kind of surprising given that these things have dedicated GPUs, it must be some kind of screen refresh limit, perhaps it is better on a 10’’ model.

I sincerely had expected a better experience but perhaps I have failed in the “this should be like an iPad” trap.

Perhaps the saddest thing is that being fully invested in the Apple walled garden everything seems like I am missing one or two hands: I have no password manager, no iCloud, no Apollo, no NewsExplorer (try adding RSS feeds in the stock reader app by typing RSS feeds by URL)… I am currently considering returning it for an 13’’ iPad Pro, considering my 2017 iPad Pro is already asking for a replacement, I cannot easily justify the cost for just an e-ink screen --which is admittedly glorious.

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Oh no, that put a damper on my excitement, although I am not at all surprised either. I figured performance in the stock apps would not be a problem, so I am surprised to hear that. I saw that some 3rd party apps aren’t well suited for it. Apps like OneNote seems like it would be perfect for it, but I heard it lags as well because it was not made with eInk in mind.

The app situation is definitely a concern. As a Windows user I am hoping I have less issue there. I use a few apps, like 1Password, which are on everything.

I haven’t seen any of that yet, but I’ve only had the Supernote for about six months and didn’t really put it to work until December. That’s when I began using it as my daily practice planner/log while learning piano. So it’s still a relatively pampered device that mostly sits on a music stand.

I saw one reviewer who said the build (it’s basically a thin plastic box) made it good for throwing into a backpack without any worry that you might break it, as I guess sometimes happens with Remarkable and others with glass screens. That made sense, in a way, but still it seemed sort of like damning it with faint praise…

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Saw on Reddit today that Supernote has a new full sized machine (13"?) coming by June. Few details though. Their philosophy is they don’t want customers to feel the need to update hardware with new devices, so I am not expecting much difference. I don’t know how they stay in business though since this must be a very niche market. I will probably get whatever they release then, unless I love the Boox, but I am not expecting to.

I am keeping a list of pros and cons of each eInk device (written on my Kindle Scribe even) and the funny thing is that the Supernote has few pros other than “The best software” but that is a pretty big pro.

Interested, what app are you using for learning piano? I am using Mobile Sheets which basically checks all the boxes.

Well give it a try. One can get used to writing and drawing with the stock app, and it has decent AI for written text recognition. It’s just not “Marie Kondo enjoyable”.

For the planner, I’m just using a plain old note file on the Supernote, taking notes on what I learn, writing daily practice plans and long-term goals, etc., just as I would with a paper notebook or journal. I haven’t (yet) had the need to manage any sheet music. I’m a rank beginner. Just tried for the first time last night to play a C major scale with both hands and laughed out loud at how miserably I failed on the first few attempts.

For instruction, I signed up for a year of Pianote, and that has been extremely helpful.

It is, and, at least for me, the more time I spend using it, instead of just thinking about it as a thing, the better. (Until it starts cracking, anyway.)

I don’t know ifs Android or this Boox device, but I am finding it really difficult to use. I feel like every thing is a battle and it does things I don’t expect it to do. I probably need to get used to it, but this thing is really rough and the only manual is no where near in-depth enough.