Anybody miss the day when we could customize macOS icons and sounds?

Remember when we could customize icons using CandyBar? Or how about changing system sounds like the emptying of the trash bin? Not really possible anymore :cry:

Anybody miss those days?

I would love it if Apple would give us the ability to customize icons, sounds, boot wallpaper, logon screens, etc.

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You can still customize icons, at least.

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I do. Most computers nowadays are getting far too locked down in the name of security for the possibility of creativity in presentation to co-exist.

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Yes, you may change the icons for a file or folder. But programs like CandyBar allowed the user to theme all of the icons across the system (like app icons, Settings panels, hardware, etc.). I miss that.

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I remember Kaboom! That was a lot of fun. I miss those days.

I still want oscar the grouch to pop out of my trash can and sing