Anybody use a Mophie Juice Pack to add USB-C to an existing iPhone?

I have an iPhone 11, and I’m tempted to upgrade to the 15 this fall, but that’s primarily due to the fact that the USB-C will make my EDC cable collection and “on the go” charging in general much simpler. My existing iPhone 11 works fine, and I just had my battery replaced under warranty less than a year ago - so I don’t NEED an upgrade.

Then I realized that companies like Mophie make those battery cases that recharge with USB-C. That would not only (effectively) give me USB-C charge capability on my iPhone when I’m away from the house, it would allow me to use my existing cables at home as well.

A battery case for the iPhone 11 seems to be available for less than $50 in “never been opened but it’s been sitting on the warehouse shelf for a year” condition. That’s obviously much, much cheaper than an iPhone 15. :smiley:


Does it support data transfer for things like wired CarPlay? Is that something you might need?

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I don’t have a car new enough for CarPlay at this point, and the odds of me getting one before I upgrade my phone is just about zero. :slight_smile:

If you can afford it, go for it! $50 < $800+

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I had days when I was on the phone constantly troubleshooting some problem. I worked with a battery pack in my right rear pocket connected to my iphone in my right front.

A battery case works well if it holds enough power but they make it hard to get the phone in and out of a pocket.

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In my situation I’d be going from a thicker “wallet” case to the battery case - so I’m guessing the thickness would be a net wash - but that’s good to know.

I’ve done that “device in one pocket, battery in the other” thing with battery packs too. :slight_smile: I rarely actually run my phone down far enough where a battery case would matter - but being able to charge via USB-C would be huge for travel.

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I had what some called the “baby bump battery” on my iPhone 6s.

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Would a multi ended cable (Lightning, USB C and Micro USB) solve your problem for an even cheaper price?

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I already have one of those cables, and it’s perfectly fine - but it’s long. I just have these super short, super flat, nice and durable USB-C cables that are more compact and much nicer to carry around.

I know I could put a little adapter on the end, but those always seem to get lost somehow. And having a little extra built-in battery on the phone is a nice touch too. :slight_smile: