Anybody use ScanBizCards?

Hi, anybody use ScanBizCards? I haven’t seen much from a review standpoint and am curious if it’s worth 0.99 since they’ve dropped the price for pro recently. I can’t seem to find information about what features pro has.

I stopped reading their Privacy Policy soon after “The business contact information we collect from you and your address books when you use our Services (including name, company, business title, work address, work phone number, work mobile phone number, work fax number, and business email address) is stored in our central database (the “CrowdSourced Business Contact Database”) When you use our Services to capture email signatures or scan business cards, extracted business contact information is added to the CrowdSourced Business Contact Database, and we retain the scanned images… We may provide the complete and up-to-date business contact information that we derive through this mechanism to our users (i.e you), clients, and business partners to ensure their (a) business card scanning experience using our apps is free from the inaccuracies of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) deficiencies, (b) complete contact information in the event business card or conference badge doesn’t contain all the relevant business contact information, and, © business contacts are always kept current, and, (d) identification and recognition in the marketplace and the prospect of beneficial business, commercial and employment opportunities and partnerships.”


Oh! Is there a business card scanning app that you use?

Btw, thanks for responding. You’ve added a lot of good information to the discussions

I don’t have so many business cards that I need a scanning app. If I do scan I use Scanbot Pro, which isn’t a dedicated card scanner but which does have OCR and can save to Contacts. (But usually I enter cards manually, otherwise people usually iMessage me with their info in a VCF attachment - though that might be blue-bubble-to-blue-bubble only)

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I quit using it due to its contact harvesting.

It is crazy that an app like that is allowed on the App Store even with those terms in place being openly communicated.

That is just unacceptable.