Anybody wishing they saved a TouchID device?

FaceID and face coverings do not pair well. We’re expected to type in our passcodes when wearing face coverings. Like the neanderthals did in the pre-TouchID epoch.

In an ironic twist, the other day while using the thermometer that we need to use in order to be allowed into the office, my iPad slipped from under my arm. Onto the tile floor. My out of AppleCare, 12.9", 512GB iPad Pro to be exact. According to Apple, my trade-in value for it is “I don’t think so.” Faced with the options of either paying Apple $650 for repair and a potential multi-week turn-around or wait until local shops open up whenever that might be, I went with the third option of buying a new iPad Pro. One that does not have TouchID. Doh!

I’m pretty delighted with FaceID, and I’m not interested in throwing out the baby with the Covid bathwater. Before I had TouchID I entered my password, and did it quickly, and it’s not like we’re also wearing gloves (which is a problem with TouchID, as are wet hands).

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I miss until it until I remember the problems I had while I was remodeling my house. My fingerprints got so worn and scratched that touchId wouldn’t work. Had to reprogram all my fingers into it.

The one place where it’s a real pain is the grocery store since I keep my list on the phone. Hard to keep the screen going while wheeling around the store avoiding other people.

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When I go shopping I’ll temporarily change Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock to 5 Minutes, or Never.


Great idea but I will have to break my habit of always locking my phone before putting it away.

Shopping is definitely the biggest pain point for that right now for me, but that’s just because we can’t go anywhere else, so its the only place I wear a mask.

I have that same iPhone trigger finger – as soon as the phone starts moving away from my focus it’s off.

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Not even a little bit. The few times I unlock my phone while wearing a face mask do not drive me to wish for the days of TouchID, where any bit of moisture on the phone or my finger made it worthless.

I have “never” on by default. I don’t see a common scenario where it would be disadvantageous.

Not missing it at all. That’s where the Apple Watch comes in handy (heh) especially for grocery lists.

I’m finding Touch ID increasingly unreliable, even with occasional reregistering. (I have it on one phone and my original 12.9” iPad Pro.) My Face ID XS Max never fails. (If I end up wearing a mask that will change, probably.)

I’ve never been able to get touch-id to even work so I’ve always used the password to unlock everything. I spin rough wool for several hours every night and my fingerprints get worn mostly off. Even if I reset and use other fingers it doesn’t mater, it never worked consistently and it would fail 8 out of 10 times. Face-ID never did work for me either, I swap glasses and due to allergies I’ve been wearing dust masks outside forever. You can get really fast as password opening if oyu practice a lot.

AnyList: Grocery Shopping List is set to remain on while open.

We are in mask + glove mode so Touch ID no more helpful. But with no place to be, I slowly take 1 glove off to punch in code manually the 1-2 times per week I venture to a store.