Anyone doing NaNoWriMo?

Just wondering?

Hoping it is not too late to join!

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@OogieM is our resident NaNoWriMo enthusiast.


No fooling!!! I need a topic!

I am, I’ve been attempting NaNo every year since 2009.

I’m a NaNo Rebel this year as I frequently am. This year my focus is on seeing if I get enough value by doing my daily journal digitally. I am, however, printing out my journal and pasting the pages into my paper journal too.

I’m OogieM at NaNoWriMo as well.

Word count as of the end of today, 4429 words. And no I’m not padding my journal to get the count up. I’m just doing it like I normally would.

If I counted the code I wrote today and a response for a committee I am on I’d be well over the target by now which is 5001 words. The code was something like 400 “words” and the committee response was 2254 words! (Note: if you ask my opinion be ready for it)

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Oogie, I have no problem whatsoever with your opinions. They are merely what we think about something. :wink:

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That’s our @OogieM alright!

A while ago you posted some prose about what you were seeing somewhere on your property and I was awed by the imagery of your words. If there’s a NaNoWriMo muse on this forum, it’s you. Pay close attention, my friend @Katie!


Oh and I do LOVE to write! I started but I’m all over the place. Just getting an idea, expounding a bit. Getting another idea, expounding. It would help if I didn’t have so many ideas.

Approx half a million people sign up for it!!! My calendar is supposed to remind me but it never does.

I thought 1,600 words per day would be easy.

The only real problem (now that I’m in the right month) is I cannot type although I find it far easier to type on my Mac than on one of my iPads. I love this keyboard.

I downloaded a Scrivener trial. I have it for the iPad and have used it for years. Maybe I might have been better off sticking to Pages.

That was probably something from one of my solstice or equinox reviews or when snows first came. I wax poetic on farming stuff and I am trying to collect those esays together with an eye to a year of essays on stuff like that.

I have done both a seat of the pants just write and a detailed make a plan versions. By far my better prose and my only NaNo Win was when I just winged it. If you look at my public projects I have several that are the same name. BatFisher, the one I actually completed is one story but the other 2 were supposed to be sequels with the same characters and I tried to plan them in detail and lost steam in the writing.

This year, I am using Obsidian and I am treating it like I did for my NaNo win with Bat Fisher Book 1. In addition to my Daily Journal I am also writing other items and scenes for one or more of the other things on my someday/maybe list of writing projects or NaNo novel ideas. With a huge backlog of someday/maybe items I am not without ideas. What I’m trying this year is just write, link related notes together and see what comes out the other end. I’m not concerned that they make a coherant story yet just get the words down into the file.

I cannot touch type either but I’m fairly fast with my own 6 finger method. Combined with typinator to correct the worst of my spelling errors I can usually get most things down almost as fast as Ic an think of them. I can write as fast as I think either on my iPad in GoodNotes or on paper but then re-reading them or doing conversion to typed text is problematic. Goodnotes does a fairly good job of reading my handwriting when I write slowly but even I can’t read my fast version if I wat too long.

FWIW I have used Scrivener for most of my NaNo Years. I got it with the discount for NaNo participants in 2009. It is complex and has lots of features that may become important to you eventually. The 2 things I liked when using it for Nano is I could just put each scene or idea or random thought in a separate document in the Scrivener Binder and then move that entire section around easily as I figured out where it went.

I’d say for NaNo use whateer you want to. Just write. Worry about how to edit, what goes where and all that stuff later, especially if you are doing a real novel not something like me where this year it’s potential novel ideas and scenes if I have something in my brain I must get written but mostly I’m just writing my daily journal.


Thanks so much, Oogie! Six fingers! LOL!. I am right there with you. I use the index finger of my left hand for the “a’s” and shift.

That is a great idea to use Typinator. I use to have it several years ago. I just bought a bouncing M1 MB Air and the software prices are adding up. I have had iPads but I haven’t had a computer for sometime (about 8 years). It takes some getting use to but it is coming back to me and I love it!

I have Scrivener for the iPad and you are right- it does have a lot of features and can get complicated. Terrific app!

Can I outline with Scrivener? I am not one for outlines but I need to get organized- at least somewhat.

I bought an old Scrivener for Dummies book (2012). A bit old, eh? It was inexpensive though. It may come in handy.

Do you know of any way to migrate my essays from my iPad to my Mac? I have had problems with Dropbox so I don’t use that. I could send them to myself through the Air.

Please tell me about the prize you won!

I mostly write for little kids. I was a bilingual Spanish primary teacher for many moons. I bought the app Story Planner and it is a great way to get organized. Simple and inexpensive. I have actually sat down and planned most of a story easily (winging it) getting enough done that it rather amazed me.

I do best when I wing it too. The Story Planner is good because I use it mostly to get organized even after the fact. It helps me paint a clearer picture in my head so I can go back and modify my work.

I have ideas galore which can be counterproductive. Finishing is a challenge.

Thanks again! I have been meaning too do NaNoWriMo for ages.

Not in the same sense as using Libre Office or any real outlining app. Instead the corkboard feature allows you to see snippets of all your documents and move them around.

it would depend on what they are in and whether they are in the files area or in the sandboxed area for whatever app you use. If in files or you can put them there, you can connect with a cable to the mac and just drag them all out and into a folder on the Mac.

NaNo Prizes are a nice spiffy certificate of completion file that you print out. :grinning: It’s not any real prize although you can buy swag and help support their efforts. Winning is more a personal I actually did it kind of thing.

Never heard of story planner. I have a lot of PDF documents with templates and info on the various fiction story types and how to write them but I rarely use that stuff.

I’ve also never published anything either.

You might like Story Planner. I don’t recall the price but it was definitely reasonable. You can use it on the Ipad and the Mac.

I think my iPad work is in Files. TY. That’s a good idea. I’ll put them on a thumb drive.

I did have an agent for a while but nothing ever came of it.

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Oogie! I actually finished a story. :wink:


I’ve independently written half a dozen non-fiction books, and am only interested in non-fiction, so that rules me out from NaNoWriMo, unless “No” means non-fiction :slightly_smiling_face:.

Frankly, I just want to get it all written correctly so I can publish and sell them. I only seem to manage one a year, so the time frame for NaNoWriMo is all wrong. But I bet it would be fun!

For the last couple of years, they’ve included non-fiction. There were about a half of a million writers tackling it in recent years.

For kids, I write fiction and non-fiction.

For adults, I much prefer non-fiction. I prefer reading it too. The logistics of writing a novel, well, I think it would be really hard. Besides, I have a lot to tell using non-fiction. Keeping a long, hairy plot going, I doubt I’d really enjoy that. Although you never know until you try and I’d have to base it on somebody real (friend, relative etc.)

So what sort of non-fiction do you write?

I think it is going to be fun. FINALLY, I’m getting going in November. I put it in my calendar and I swear it never shows up to remind me!

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Not if you declare yourself a NaNo Rebel :grinning:

I’ve done code, a user manual, a series of essays on sheep, a fan fiction offshoot of Dr. Who, several murder mysteries, one spy novel and more.

I’ve failed at NaNo something like eight times since I learned about it in 2003. Feeling the urge to try again. Thank you all for being inspiring!

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Fifty thousand words is nothing to sneeze at!

Oogie, Are you familiar with Scrivener?

very much so I’ve been using Scrivener since 2009. I like it but I am trying something different this year.

I see. I don’t think I’ll be able to get that much done. I cannot type. :sweat_smile: I even came up with a theme.