Anyone else getting "The File Can't Be Found"

Since upgrading to 12.3, every time I open my laptop I have 1-3 dialogue boxes open from finder that simply say, “The File Can’t Be Found.” Pretty annoying. Didn’t clear up with a reboot or by killing finder and relaunching.

Are you using BetterTouchTool? I’m having this issue, and found a mention online that it is caused by BetterTouchTool, but I haven’t had time to test to see if that is the case. The same comment mentioned that it is fixed in a BTT update, but I don’t think that update has made it to the SetApp version yet.

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It is a known issue with the 12.3 beta.

The most recent OS update (which is no longer a beta release) has fixed the issue.

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I was never on the beta. I only upgraded to the public (non-beta) release.

I am using BTT through SetApp, so I hope this is the answer. Thanks!

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I was getting the same thing and also have BTT through SetApp. When I restarted BTT, I got the dialog box.

I did an update to BTT through SetApp. The problem is gone.


Just updated BTT to 3.741 in SetApp, so hopefully that fixes the problem. Thanks!