Anyone else having Dropbox search issues?

My Dropbox files are on my Mac mini. I am unable to search for files via Finder, but it works fine when I logon to my account on Safari. I did a chat on the DB webpage and the person told me that DB is aware of the issue and is working to solve it.

Is anyone else having this problem? If so, have you found a solution on your own?

I have both work and personal files on that account and the inability to search on Finder is making me go a little crazy.

Thank you!

I had this problem for about a week on my new Mac and then it seemed to work again. Not sure if it was Spotlight indexing (surely not) but it magically fixed itself.

Indeed, as @ChrisEdwards says, it probably is a Spotlight (on your Mac) issue. Dropbox files on your Mac are “on your Mac” and Spotlight (unless told otherwise not to) will eventually get around to indexing the files. Nothing special about these files as far as Spotlight is concerned.

The Dropbox App just looks at this target folder and syncs each file with the copy held on their server. This process independent of Spotlight searching.

Thank you! Crossing my fingers.