Anyone else having more trouble with AirPods after ios12?

I’ve been having a lot more issues like one AirPod connecting when both are in, nothing playing after connecting the watch to the AirPods, etc…

Not sure if I’m crazy or if something broke in the new OS.


Nope. In fact, listened to yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on my AirPods paired to my iPad Mini while at work. Also work fine with my iPhone 8+. Both are running latest iOS.

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Good to know. May try to see a genius at the Towne Square.

No problems here at all.

I’m having a few connectivity issues. Sometimes it takes a full minute for my phone to detect my airpods. I’ve also had the connection fully drop, and the only fix was to put my airpods back in the case and start over.

I un-paired and re-paired my Airpods and now they function as normal.

Yah I haven’t been able to consistently duplicate it, but my AirPods have been a tad less reliable since iOS 12. Connection issues, one AirPod working, etc.


I started noticing that it seemed less reliable after iOS 12. Or I think so at least. …and it seemed worse after switching to my new iPhone XS.

Once they’re connected there’s no problem. But getting them to connect is less reliable. A common use for me, where I’ve noticed the change the most, is that I often just take out one AirPod during evenings and listen to Podcasts while I do some housework. (So that I can still notice if any of the children wake up or something.)

Previously, this hasn’t been an issue. Now I often have to either keep the Case (with one AirPod still in it) open to get it to connect to the one in my ear, and sometimes I’ve had to take out both to connect and just put one back.

Really annoying.

For me, AirPods are the most unreliable product by Apple. I have my left AirPod failing without any indicators for that, it just stopped working. And to make things worse, that was on month 13 of purchase.

I have had my Airpods over a year and a half and I have had a few connection issues. Most of the time I’m using only one at a time. I absolutely love them and use them every day.

Nothing specific to iOS 12 – but the AirPods often won’t connect to my Watch 3. Either only one doesn’t connect, or both do not connect at all. Usually just putting them back in the case for a couple seconds or two will bump them into connecting. If not then pressing AirPods in the watch’s Bluetooth settings does the trick.