Anyone else having problems with Airmail URL Schemes?

I guess one of the recent updates broke them. I just noticed. I emailed their support and just curious if it was noticed by anyone else. This is my punishment for recommending it in another thread.

Still no reply from the dev. Judging from the hubub of activity in this thread, I guess I am the only one still using it.

which brings me to my next rant.

If I become desperate enough to use Apple Mail on iOS, how does one share a mail/add an event to Fantastical from Apple Mail?

I’m pretty sure the easiest way to do that is to connect the same calendars to Calendar that you connect to Fantastical.

Make sure to set your preferred default calendar (if you use more than one) in both apps.

Then set Fantastical as the default app, turn of notifications for Calendar, and never look at Calendar again. :slight_smile:

I’m still with you! There’s two of us!

Just checked—an airmail:// link worked for me just now.

can you try an action from drafts in iOS? macOS still functions as expected.


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I can’t try an action (not subscribed to Drafts) but I tested a compose URL:

Indeed, this seems to work on macOS, but on iOS (the Airmail Beta anyway) it just launches the app without giving me a compose window.

yes, thats what happens for me too. I got a reply from the dev with “try the newest update. we made some bug fixes”. of course it still does not work. weird that he would knowingly mislead a customer. he knows whether or not it was fixed. unless he is farming the dev work out to others. sigh.

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If it’s just the compose action that’s giving you trouble, you could conceivably do that via Mail (or whatever other Shortcuts/Drafts-friendly email app you choose) and still use Airmail otherwise, but… :person_shrugging:‍:male_sign:

I wonder which circle of hell email apps are in?

Thankfully, the new TextExpander keyboard allows me to just create my snippet laden emails within Airmail on iOS so I can leave Drafts out of the loop (I usually prefer to start all my messages, mail, etc there) but the fact that there is something not working irritates me like an itch I can’t scratch. :smiley:

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it’s really strange. I only ask for 5 things from an email client. a url scheme, create pdfs, share to omnifocus, fantastical, or devonthink. thats all and I cannot find one client that can do all of that without needing some janky manipulation…

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