Anyone else in for NaNoWriMo?

So… it’s 1 November and instead of writing on my novel I’m here posting to see if anyone else is in for writing 50k words on a novel in 1 month.

I’m OogieM over at NaNo as well if anyone wants to join me.

I am again a rebel, still working on The Bat Fisher. Realized last NaNo that what I had was a series of books. I am at 60304 words now need to get to 110304 by 30 November and hope to split the multiple threads into 2+ more coherent story lines/books. Thank god for Scrivener, it’s my sanity saver for long form writing that I will want to reorganize on the fly.


I’m being very rebellious and finishing off a non fiction book (which is very close to done!), and writing some other things I want to produce (they’ll probably be videos). If there are words left over I’ll work on blog posts :smiley:

I’ve done traditional NaNo before, but this year rebellion appeals!


I might be a rebel and try a non-fiction book. I wish it was earlier in the year. November is always so busy. Or maybe I’ll be really rebellious and write 50,000 words for the online courses I’m creating. I too will be using Scrivener. Good luck with your writing!

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Being retired, I have the time and it would be fun, but I’ve never written fiction. Anyway I need a fire lit under me to complete a non-fiction e-book that only needs some final touchup and I’m still in the research phase for another.

So join the rebellion

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I’m writing my proposal for my PhD - god I hope it’s not 50,000 words!
I do need to finish this month though. I don’t see how I can commit to a certain number of words a day though.

Thanks @OogieM for mentioning Scrivener. I need to revisit it, and perhaps use it to write my proposal.

What I really wish for is a markdown editor that understands figures with captions, and citing references and creating bibliographies.


I finished my dissertation about a month ago, I don’t remember my ending word count but I’m sure I’ve already “pre-qualified” to say that I’ve completed the challenge lol


I had planned to join NaNo again this year, but now I have to edit a finished novel for a publisher, which of course has priority! That one was written in NaNoWriMo, by the way. I hadn’t outlined it at all, which was fun, but made a lot of work afterwards, since so much has to be edited. So, I‘m not writing a lot of words this month, but I’m working heavily on a book and try to profit from the NaNo atmosphere around me!


A grand idea that causes me to shutter and hide behind the couch.

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Is anyone aware of a nonfiction version of NaNoWriMo?

Does NaNoWriMo dictate that the novel has to be nonfiction? It was my understanding that the only “requirement” of it was you hit the word count. Everything is very much up to the participant.

Well if you look the idea started out as fiction but as a rebel you can do anything. Some do screen plays, some do poetry or non fiction. I did a busniess proposal one year. Jump on in, the water’s fine :wink:

The suggestion is fiction, but there is a whole section for rebels.

I’m working on fiction but it’s been 3 years working on it. My goal is another 50k words each time.

Can anyone recommend a good app for writing fiction and poetry, especially the latter has my interest. I’m thinking there must be a decent app out there, which has a rhyming dictionary and a way of formatting poetry in the right way?

Scrivener, you can add a rhyming dictionary as an external reference. There are pre-set formats for various forms of poetry available as templates.


Okay thanks… that’s really too much of an app for me for such a little thing, but thanks :blush:

November is over. While I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo I did manage to finish and publish a book I’ve been procrastinating about for way too long. So I guess NaNoWriMo did its job for me!


Wel I managed to add only 5923 words but I made progress on organizing my exisitng writing. I also had to do a lot of stuff for the sheep association and the AI class we’ve got happening next week so spent hours dealing with that instead.

Ah well, there is always Camp NaNo and next November…

I admire you people (not so much the dissertation writers, you had to do that). I can’t think of anything I know enough about to write a book.

I can’t believe that, just by living for more than a few years and being able to type on a computer and converse with people means you know enough to write a book on something. Or just write a novel or fiction book.