Anyone else using Wyze Cameras?

Is anyone else using Wyze ( cameras? Only $20 and they include free AWS video storage.

I’ve got one and it works well enough. The motion capture could use some tweaking, but overall I’m happy with it (especially for the price).

I have mine outside my front door with this mount:

I have a couple Wyzecams. They work well, especially for the price.

@KevinC, did you have to run a long USB cable to power your Wyzecam? I’m hoping to mount one at my front door, too.

I have two Wyze cameras, bought during their recent steep discount sale They’re pretty nice when they work. However, many people have experienced a problem with them maintaining their connectivity. You have to restart them by unplugging and then plugging back in. Not very practical to do so when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.

I have this problem with one of the two I bought. So far, not with the second one, but it’s now a Sword of Damocles situation.

I did. I’ve got a power outlet in our attic that I ran a 25’ usb cable from (through a hole in the soffit). I initially tried it inside through the window but the night IR didn’t work well that way. Works much better outside (we’ll see how it fares in the winter).

We’ve got several in the barn to watch the sheep and looking out at the pens where most predators come from. They go haywire fairly often, suddenly quit working, need resetting etc but they are cheap. We’re actually looking for something else. Our barn has Ethernet to it and also wifi and we’d prefer no cloud storage but instead something on our own servers.

OogieM, Interesting that your cameras require restarting frequently. Are your cameras version 1 or version 2? I wonder if something is causing interference with your cameras? I have 6 version 2 cameras connected to 3 different access points. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to restart a camera in the last 6 months. Two of the cameras are in a different state. All of mine have been very stable.

I didn’t set them up but we’ve had the sytem for a while so I suspect older versions.

We do have lots of “stuff” operational in our houses and barns. Just in the main house we have 8 separate wifi networks, 2 major connections to the internet, one wireless and one fiber and ethernet cables everywhere. Each barn has at least 1 wifi access point, the main barn has 2. We’ve got multiple servers running each doing different things. Hubby has GPS and FLIR hardware, cameras and drones all interconnected and is currently running something like 6 different computers not to mention all the embedded systems he designs. There are 2 camera/securty systems, 4 wireless weather stations and so on. I’ve lost count of the number of Android tablets we have as we are continually testing them with stuff so tend to accumulate lots of them. I know for sure of at least 6 that I’ve used fairly regularly with LambTracker but there are ones I don’t use that are part of hte camera/flir/drone systems or other projects my husband is doing. Our 3 solar PV systems all have connections so we can track performance and so does the solar hot water after some failures in circulation pumps that caused a major overheating issue. So yes, I woudl think that interference is a pretty common potential issue in our environment. :slight_smile:

They work sometimes but notifications aren’t the best! For an extra $80-90 you can get an Amazon cam which will be a million times better! If you really need the security - spend the money and invest in proven technology!

I love the $30 version. It’s amazing at picking up motion and the sound alerts work well too. Getting 14 days of free storage is so nice, and the night vision is impressive. I put mine on a smart plug connected with Smartthings and IFTTT so that it turns on when I leave home, and turns off when I get home. Works 99% of the time. If it forgets to turn off when I get home, I get an alert on my phone due to motion so I just manually turn off using the SmartThings app. Really dependable camera IMHO and the cost is amazing with everything you get. Very low cost of entry to give it a shot.

Update on my wyze camera. We had some packages stolen off our porch and at least knew it from the camera, but the notification video was a bit too grainy to be all that useful. The real downside was that the camera wasn’t saving to the SD card anymore. It filled up and for some reason didn’t overwrite the older data. An aside, it does seem to work fine at moderate temperatures (down to ~5F / ~-15C) - although we’ll see how it handles it when it gets colder for longer.