Anyone have call answer service or virtual assistant service recommendations?

Hi Folks,
Hope everyone is well. Do any of you have a virtual assistant service or call answering service that you recommend ?

Many thanks in advance



My typical recommendation is Ruby. I think you can find cheaper starting plans than theirs if your volume is low, though.

Thanks. Do you personally use Ruby, and do you have any feedback ?.

I used to use them. They’re going to try to keep calls brief so they can write you a summary so you can quickly act on the message or delegate it. If you have low enough volume that the longer calls won’t push your minutes/month up too high, and answer a lot of the same questions, you can train them to answer FAQs. Since I used it, my understanding is they’ve developed a pretty good iOS app.

All are onshore, but you should still expect a complaint or two from people who can tell they aren’t your employee. Still better than letting the type of person who would complain hit voicemail.

Thank you for the update

No problem. I should clarify I stopped using them because I changed what I was doing for work. I don’t need to use any call service now.