Anyone need old Mac mini / MBP/iMac memory modules?

I’ve got 2 x 4 GB memory modules from my old 2011 Mac mini. All of my remaining computers aren’t upgradable, but maybe someone on here could use these for free (US only so I don’t pay much for shipping)!

2 x OWC1333DDR3S4GB
8.0GB (2x 4GB) PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz SO-DIMM
204 Pin CL9 SO-DIMM Memory Upgrade Kit for 2011
MacBook Pro models, Mid 2010/2011 21.5" & 27" iMac
(except 3.2GHz i3 Model), Mid 2011 Mac mini models.

Just post here that you want them (so everyone knows they’re claimed), then message me your mailing address and I’ll drop them in the mail.