Anyone read Joe Kissell’s Take Control of 1Password

I have been a longtime user of 1Password but I often wonder if I couldn’t be a more efficient user of 1Password…

Joe Kissel has recently released an updated version of Take Control of 1Password. I am wondering if anyone here has read the book and found it to be helpful.

I have the family subscription and make good use of secured notes, software licenses, credit cards, etc. in addition to the password control. Do people think the book would be beneficial to someone that has used the software for several years?

I’ve purchased most of the TC books over the years. The 1Password book is pretty good. I love the fact that the books are available as pdf/Mobi/epub, are re-downloadable, and have no DRM.

You can view/download the table of contents and a couple dozen sample pages from the 1P ebook here, and decide for yourself:

I have the book but I haven’t opened the update yet. You already sound pretty adept at 1Password, but I’m sure you’ll find useful info in there. The price is certainly right and they’re worth supporting.

I have the book but haven’t yet opened it as I’m in the middle of stuff and reading time is being usurped by writing instead. But I generally get the updates even if they cost a bit for the books I like. I always lean something new and they are worth it IMO. I also get their upgrading to X for every mac operating system as I always use them as my plan when I migrate.

I’m glad you asked this. i’m in the same boat and have the same question. I like all the Take Control Books I’ve purchased so far, but for someone who lives in 1Password like I do, I am concerned this book is not going to provide that much value for the price. I’ve no doubt it’s a great book.