Anyone still using Quicksilver?

Anyone still using Quicksilver? I was a heavy user years ago, but I eventually gave it up because its indexing was slowing down my aging Mac too much. Got a spanking new Mac Mini now and I was thinking of giving it another spin. I see it’s still getting updates at least as of this September.

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I moved to Alfred years ago and haven’t looked back.


Same. QuickSilver may not technically be dead, but I think it’s effectively dead.

Alfred is the way to go. Get the Powerpack. Well worth the lifetime license, IMO.


UsingLaunchbar here.

I tried QuickSilver years ago, didn’t like it. Years ago I was a longtime LaunchBar user, then something about it started dramatically slowing down, and uninstalling and reinstalling (even trying years later) didn’t fix the issue. Weird - but I wasn’t going to nuke-and-pave my system to try to eliminate any cruft that was causing the problem.

I switched to Alfred, which I found to be a bit of fresh air. LaunchBar is very powerful but it does different things with the same keyboard commands based on context, which periodically ended up doing something different than what I wanted. Alfred (plus Powerpack) is lightning-fast, powerful and does everything I need it to do (and more). Spotlight remains in my menubar (hidden in Bartender’s 2nd menu) but the CMD+Space command is permanently relegated to summoning Alfred.

same. I moved to LaunchBar. Still wonder if I should have chosen Alfred, but at this point I don’t think it matters. There’s nothing I could do in Quicksilver that I can’t do today.

Still happily using it on all my machines including a very old MacBook. That said only use it as a quick app launcher from the keyboard and have not used any advance features.

I still use it and I find the triggers indispensable. I use them for searches of everything from Google to our own internal work and project sites (using the web search plugin). Its pretty lightweight so doesn’t hurt to have it running.

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I still use it as an app launcher.

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