Anyone using a Synology RT2600AC Router with an DS xxxx NAS?

Looking for acutal user experience with remote access to the NAS and how this setup fairs with a Trustwave securit scan.

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with TrustWave, so cannot help you on that.

I do have a Synology rt2600ac router and a Synology Ds716+. The combination works fine.

I have enabled SSH connections to the router and it also runs the VPN package. Ports for some services like https are forwarded to the NAS. Right now CloudStation runs from a usb drive attached to the router, but I have also run CliudStation from the NAS as well, again with port forwarding.

I mount remote drives from my Mac Mini server and the Synology via sub after making the VPN connection.

I can even administrate the router remotely without enabling remote administrative access. I make the VPN connection, then SSH to my Mac Mini, creating an SSH tunnel back to the router, then connect Safari to the router, with that configuration it looks to the router like I am connecting from inside my LAN (which I am since I have the VPN connection) and it all works.

It all works just fine.

Thanks for your reply.
Any one using this with 4 users symultaniously connecting to the NAS using VPN?