Anyone using Canopy? Thoughts?

I enjoyed the episode with Matt Gemmell. I am using the Apple Smart Keyboard exclusively but I’m intrigued by Canopy. Those of you using it, what is your assessment?

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I’ve been using one with an iPad Air2 for a couple of months and really like it. It allows me to use the Apple Magic Keyboard which is my favorite. And it folds around the keyboard info a package only slightly thicker than the keyboard alone. I am constantly switching from keyboard use to bare tablet so the fact that there is nothing attaching the iPad to the canopy is a big plus IMO. Best $40 I’ve spent this year.

Looks interesting!
I do like the Apple keyboard cover though. The keys actually feel pretty good.
I tend to bang on them to produce audible feedback though.

Very nice! Somewhere around the house I have an Origami case, which is similar but folds differently.

I’ve used the Canopy with my iPad Pro since it was originally released. I prefer the Magic Keyboard to the Smart Keyboard. The build quality is excellent and I have had no problems. The only downside is if you want to stay light when on the go, nothing is quite better than having the Smart Keyboard attached to the iPad.

Been using the Canopy since launch and love it. I tried the Keyboard Cover, but for as often as I need it on the go, it’s awfully heavy in the 12.9” size. I carry the Canopy and keyboard around in my bag and just pop it out when I need to write more than a short email.