Anyone using HazeOver or something similar?

Recently I have found that I am accidentally typing in the wrong window and am struggling at times to clearly see which is the active window. This could have disastrous consequences ! I am unsure why this bad habit has arisen but it has so I need to try and fix it !

I have an ultra wide monitor and regularly have numerous windows open so it is rather risky.

After a bit of research I found HazeOver which appears to dim all but the currently focussed window.

Before I dive in, does anyone have experience of this - or any other methods - for ensuring your keyboard and brain are in sync from a window management perspective?

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I’m using HazeOver after testing a number of similar apps. However, sometimes it’s annoying having windows dimming especially when I constantly switch between windows or apps. HazeOver has keyboard shortcut to quickly enable/disable. Has setting for how long before dimming, dimming %, etc. Also I do periodically play around % of dimming to get a comfortable setting; constant struggle :neutral_face:

Overall, it’s a good app for what it does but quite often I just disable it when working with multiple windows/app. HazeOver is good if you focus on working on 1 particular window for long period of time.

Actually prefer an app that just highlight the boundary of active window rather than dimming the rest.

You might want to checkout “NeuHoner” if have the time. Saw on reddit discussion if not wrong but didn’t install to try. Way too many apps already on my laptop.

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Thank you. You now have me pondering whether I need dimming or highlighting. I do need to reference other windows but need to be certain where my keystrokes are landing too. Maybe a slight, but noticeable, dim will do the trick.

I found the same reddit feed and there are a few apps in there that seem to do the job but mainly old ones which wont work on my combo of Bug Sur and Catalina. I’ll take a look at NeuHoner too as the Dev seems to be fairly responsive based on that thread.


That’s exactly what I’m using. Getting that right setting is tough between daytime and nighttime. Constant struggle but settled for what’s working for me now. Think a boundary highlighting app would be better.

I never encounter this problem, which seems quite common but puzzling to me (and I have 40+ year old eyes). I have a license of HazeOver and I hate it: the constant animation of windows is so distracting.

What I do, in case that might help:

  • I scale my screen up to have big, fat text everywhere
  • I use apps in full mode most of the time
  • I pilot and switch apps almost exclusively from Alfred, which ensures I always focus where I am supposed to.

I never had that problem until I turned 50+… so there’s still time !

Going full screen on a ultrawide monitor is a tad overpowering too :wink:

I’m going to give Hazeover a go and see if it solves my problem.

Weirdly, I seem to have adopted this ’bad habit’ since I started using Craft Notes (which I love by the way). I wonder if it is because Craft still shows the cursor location on screen even when it is not the active window … and that could be tricking me into thinking it is the active window. Either way, something is messing with my head and I need to find a solution!

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