Anyone using Something more comprehensive out there?

I’ve recently started to explore the stats provided by the MS Office (cloud only?) feature and I like the data it gives me on collaboration, networking and pretty much where/how I spend my mostly-working time.

Since I do a lot of Zoom meetings it sadly does not seem to including those (though it will pull them in if they are put on the calendar as appointment/meeting with another party) and of course I don’t do everything in MS Office.

I’ve seen some tools over the years that do this but this one seems the most effortless as I didn’t really have to set it up and can ignore it when I don’t need it.

Is there anything that can cast a wider net of activity/productivity data gathering especially one that’s Mac and iOS-centric?

I don’t know what Office analytics tracks. If it’s just tracking your time doing things, you could use an app like Timing which will allow you to group the tracking by project and then define the productivity level of working on that project. Although that’s only on the Mac

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To me, MyAnalytics is a bit too minimalistic and trite – I think Microsoft puts it out there more as eye-candy marketing enticement than something useful.

MyAnalytics is a front end service riding on Microsoft Graph – a highly complex activity tracking and attributes database available to administrators in commercial and governmental M365 implementations. I don’t believe the average home user has access to Graph – though I’ve only used Graph on corporate implementations.

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I have it switched on for my M365 account at work. I’m considering switching it off. It makes me sad when I get the report every Monday that tells me I’m spending more time in meetings talking about what needs to be done than I spend actually doing the work.