Anyone using

It seems they are using Google search but its private. I have attempted to use DuckDuckGo but their search results have been subpar compared to Google.

StartPage seems interesting because it is using google search engine.

Anyone has any experience using them. I can add Startpage as a search engine on Firefox but not on Safari. That is not ideal

I use Startpage when I want different results from DDG, which is every once in a while. Still prefer DDG but it’s definitely a great option as well.

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why you prefer DDG over Startpage?

Does Startpage give better results?

I prefer DDG because most of the time I don’t want Google results. Cause I feel like sometimes the Google results are too specific to the preferences I’ve displayed in my web browsing.

As for better, well, depends what you’re looking for. I’d try it out for a while to see whether you like what it gives you. I’m actually due to give Startpage another shot to see if I’ll replace DDG, so I’ll report back in a while if my preferences have changed.

Update: that didn’t last long, remembered why I didn’t choose Startpage: ads in the search results

Sometimes I have a day where I have to use !g in almost every DDG query, and changing my default to StartPage is tempting. Investing in learning when to use DDG bangs will yield better searches over time, though.

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I don’t quite understand how they can use Google search engine. My understanding is that Google search engine is their most guarded secret. I am not aware that they let other people use it without changing a (handsome) fee. Google workspace can let the users use search engine for files stored within the workspace. Also other business can use Google search engine but has to pay for it.

I read their “about us” but could not find any reference to using Google search

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 3.29.55 pm

They pay Google.

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thanks @webwalrus , got it.

Interesting relationship. Google must think that they can generate more revenue via sales to Startpage than through their own ad income. I guess it is a bit like telecom carriers and their reseller.

I use DuckDuckGo for most searches but when I need Google results I use the !s bang instead of !g to query startpage instead of Google.

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I use StartPage because most of my searches are technical in nature and the results I get from the mostly-Bing-based DDG simply aren’t as good, for the most part. As implied above by @cornchip, if you’re going to do a g bang on every DDG search anyway…

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+1 for using Duck Duck Go, but switching to Google with a !g when the DDG results aren’t great.

In general, if I’m looking for something simple, DDG results are fine. If I’m looking for something very specific, or the intersection of several common terms, Google results are still far better.

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DuckDuckGo is my main search engine, and StartPage is my fallback. I’d estimate 10–15% of the times, I would use the !s bang to search in StartPage instead because DDG isn’t giving me the results I need.

In my experience, Google’s results are far better at understanding “vague” queries. Here’s a recent example to demo what I mean. The other day, I wanted to look up a quote, so I paraphrased it and searched for it.

Here’s my query:

psychologist quote people go to great lengths to avoid facing their souls

And there’s the actual quote:

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. (C. G. Jung)

I would argue my paraphrase isn’t that far off, but DuckDuckGo didn’t yield any meaningful results. StartPage surfaced the quote via GoodReads in the first hit.

You can see the results yourself: DuckDuckGo, StartPage.