Anyone wish they were busier because of MPU?

Obviously I don’t actually wish I was busier but as a 25 year old guy with a regular 9-5 job and very organized managers, I rarely have use for most of the software David, Katie, and Stephen talk about. I get about two real emails per day (mostly purchase updates). I never get paper or mail. The only thing I wish I could organize was my work Slack.

I use Things with a light GTD style but that’s it. I’ve given some of the software they use a good try but I was forcing myself to use it, so I mostly quit after the free trial or stick to stock apps. Yet I love the podcast and wish I could make use of all the cool workflows and software.


Be careful what you wish for…

It is cool to have workflows that magically organise your work life, but in my experience using tech to facilitate hobbies is even more satisfying.

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Paradise. :slight_smile:

You’re just not old enough yet. I’ll be glad to share my list of things with you :smiley: that’s a serious offer, want to help program some cool farming software that will get tested in real life? :wink:

I am officially “retired” from the 9-5 and now work on the farm and on my own stuff exclusively.

Yet I cannot even imagine not using Omnifocus and DEVONThink to keep track. E-mails run about 120 a day of which about 1/3 are potentially useful. Current projects about 200 and my someday/maybe lists has thousands of items on it. I have 56 separate someday/maybe lists because one big one was getting too long. Those lists are almost entirely things that are not “work” per se but are either outright hobbies or other things I think would be cool to do but that are not necessary.

You’re living the dream @sotojuan


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