Anything like Blueterm for iOS?

I’m trying to find something like this BlueTerm app for Android that runs on iOS devices

This app basically reads asci data that is sent from a bluetooth device. It’s a critical part of my LambTracker software because it accepts the EID tag data the reader sends out and also what our modified bluetooth scale sends out. Not having this as an option is what is preventing me from porting LambTracker to iOS as the handheld.

I did not do the mods to this that were required to handle our reader hardware because that was my husband’s hardware design. He does all the low level device code and drivers. He’s said he’d work on adapting it to iOS if I can find a starting point like this app for him.

My end goal is to implement at a minimum the Look Up Sheep activity in iOS so I can find an individual sheep’s record and data when I see something and only have my phone with me and not my full LambTracker hardware suite.

(LambTracker is at GitLab and is a bit behind, I’m making major changes to the database structure and as soon as they pass first contact with the sheep, I’ll upload the mods)

You might want to see what is doing here - they’re using iOS with a separate reader:

A quick search found some tangential Bluetooth/iOS apps that might be interesting to look at:

CattleMax went the route that Shearwell did by getting their reader hardware approved by Apple first. A non-starter for us due to the costs.

I’ll check out the others, I don’t think we can modify the code though. My husband says that is a requirement due to how the EID chip reader from Australia sends out the data.

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