App for Collection/Quick Access to Files

The floors look really slippery too.
Hips could be broken!


I never liked the “memory palace” technique and I will even less so after imagining this nightmare. :sweat_smile:

I also create those a lot with the hotkey ⌃⌘A in Finder. Once created and selected I hit my Alfred File Action hotkey, type m which autocompletes to the action “move” and I use Alfred’s fuzzy folder search to find and push it to the destination folder, where I need the folder for reference.


@clayesq @anon41602260 do you find Leap, et al. useful?
They have the worst trial paradigm. I wish they would give you a day of full use, rather than 60 seconds at a time, or whatever it is.

I once had Leap because I used tags profusely. I have since found little use for it.


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What @DrJJWMac said — they have a purpose a few times a month, otherwise dormant. I’m not even sure they are actively under development since the feature set is about the same as it was years ago. Houdah Spot probably is better.

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