App for once-daily notifications of quotes I enter?

I save a lot of quotes (or just concepts) that inspire me. I’d like to be able to easily save them in some app that would then randomly pick one each day and send it to me as an iPhone notification.

There are a lot of “inspirational quotes” apps out there, but they seem to concentrate on quotes they select. A few will let you enter your own, but mix them in with their stuff. And I’ve found none that will serve them up as daily notifications. Instead you have to launch the app.

Maybe I could cobble something together with the Shortcuts app and Reminders? Numbers and Keyboard Maestro?

Thanks for any ideas.

I think you’re definitely in the realm of “roll your own” here, and I think your best bet is running something on a Mac that will send you a push notification.

Pushover is an app / service that I use all the time to send myself notifcations from my Macs to my iOS devices. I think the app is like $5 as a one-time IAP, and I’ve been using it for years.

Now, as far as for the “randomizer”, I’m not 100% sure how to accomplish that. Are your quotes each stored in a separate text file, or are they all stored in one file?

I suspect that it would be fairly easy to script something up that would pick a random file from a directory once a day and then move that file to another directory (so it doesn’t get chosen again) and just have the script run once per day (launchd is your friend here).

Scriptable now supports the Notification API.

If you know your way around in JavaScript it might not be that hard to write something yourself… (or for someone else to do this for you?)

+1 for pushover
I’ve been using it for growler notifications for years, and also have some script notifications sent to my ios devices that way.

Thanks. I’ll check out Pushover. The quotes are items in an OmniOutliner file. I’d hate to spend the time breaking them out into tiny text files. Maybe lines in a Numbers spreadsheet…

This isn’t worth a lot of time. I may print them out, cut into strips and draw one from a box in my studio each day. There’s still a case for analog!

Thanks, Jan. I’m guessing you’re from the Netherlands, based on your name and flag! My son’s lived in Amsterdam for over fine years now… a computer engineer doing development/architecture work.

Nice to meet you!

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