App for tinnitus

[And that’s TIN-i-tuss, not tin-EYE-tis!]

Federico Viticci posted a mention of the Tonal Therapy app over on MacStories. Just wondered if anybody has tried it.

Would be interested in knowing if it generally works (I know nothing works for everybody). I’ve been plagued with tinnitus for a few decades, so I’m curious if has worked for any of you.



I tried it, but the instructions were confusing and I couldn’t figure out how to use it.

There’s another app, Reset Tinnitus, that makes similar claims. I found it impossible to find the correct frequency to use, probably because I have more than one deficient frequency in my hearing. This app is also lacking in instructions and it’s not obvious (to me, at least) how to use it.

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Just purchased it and tried it for 10 minutes or so. The challenge is to “identify” your tinnitus frequency at first, but I think I’m fairly close. I’ll stick with it for a few days/weeks and see if it makes a difference over the mid-term. I’ll report back either way!



Let us know how it works out. $6.99 isn’t a great deal of money, but I’d like to know something has a reasonable chance of working before I spend anything.

Going to try this one out too. Mine comes and goes, but it’s driving me crazy when I had to put on my Flare Calmer or Flare earplugs.

You were going to get back to us with a report. Any luck?

The Reset Tinnitus app references this paper. Dunno about the other apps.

BTW, condolences on joining the afflicted.

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thanks for the heads up on this. I find it a bit suspect, but for $6.99 I will for sure give it a try. I would pay $699 for permanent relief, so why not throw seven bucks to the wind?!?

After a few weeks of using the app for 10-15 minutes/day, I’m afraid that I don’t have much progress to report. I haven’t noticed any change in my tinnitus at all. This could be due to incorrect usage of the app and/or to my not being 100% sure of the correct frequency of the ringing in my ears, something that apparently is fundamental for this therapy to be effective at all.

Also, according to various sources I’ve looked at, ACRN therapy is supposed to be used for several hours a day, something I’m not exactly sure how to implement. Wearing AirPods several hours per day is not practical, at least not for me. So I’m currently considering re-starting therapy, this time perhaps AirPlaying the tones to my HomePod (wearing headphones is recommended but there appears to be evidence that “ambient” tones can also help). Another option is to dust off my EarPods (the wired headset that came with older iPhones) and see if I can hit 60 minutes per day to start with, without worrying about headset battery drain.

Edit: If you’d like to try this without spending the 7 bucks, here’s a resource that may interest you:

Lastly, have a look through this (long) thread to see others’ experiences with ACRN (including posts from someone who was actually in one of the clinical trials):


Sorry to hear that. It lessens the high frequencies but only when there is noise present (white noise or environmental noise like the fan). But if it’s quiet, it can amplify your tinnitus. The best you can do is not to focus on the sound you are hearing. Not easy to say but that’s just how I manage most days.

From time to time, I would wear an earplug from the same company and I also have an earplug just for sleeping. If I manage to quiet my surrounding for a few days to let my ears rest, mine gets muted a bit.

Warning: If you’re planning to try out the Flare Calm, it will take half a day to get used to it. It may amplify some noise. After that, your ears get acclimated to it. Experiences vary from reviews.

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