App Library Custom Folder

Does anyone know if there is way to control which apps go into which folder in the App Library?

I am doing a reassessment of my home screen. I have 2 folders 1 for the house, and 1 for my parish that contain all the apps that I utilize for those areas.

Home Folder

  • all the smart devices that have an app (Unfi, Ring, Rachio, Ecobee, Lutron, Tesla, Home, etc)

Parish Folder

  • PDK, Control 4, Sensi, etc

It would be nice to be everything contained structurally as is but just be displayed “as is” in the App Library. I thought maybe putting them on a separate home screen page and then just hiding that page. I would just be relying on Spotlight at that point. But the structure would still be there. Any other suggestions?

I believe that it is not possible to control these, but they are dependent on the categories that are used for the App Store.

Which is fine for 98% of mine, but I’d like to be able to categorize a few. However, I’ve just switched to using search for most of it and it doesn’t really take that much more time or effort.

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For sure! I wish there was a way to make this the default.

The groups don’t bother me, but I always have trouble opening a folder. Usually takes several tries and several launches of one of the four apps on the face of the folder. I’m not getting this gesture right for some reason.