App specific textexpansion

Is there a way to do application specific text expansion using TextExpander?

Omnifocus has a bug. When you want to defer a task for an hour you need to type 1h instead of “1 h” i.e. with the space between the number and the unit. All of the other units are, e.g. month (m), week (w), are written with the space in between but not the hour (h). (Omnifocus has been aware of this problem for more than a year but hasn’t had a chance to fix it yet).

I’d like to use TextExpander to correct this bug but I don’t want my 1h, to turn into “1 h” anywhere else.

Not sure about the bug you experience in OF, I am using 2.12.2 on macOS 10.13.5 and I can type 3d or 3 dand get the same expected result…

But yes, TextExpander does have a setting that you want. Read about it here.

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Thank you. In OF, try 1h and 1 h and see the difference.

App specific TextExpander seems to be global, i.e. I cannot ask TE to expand “1 h” to 1h only in OmniFocus. When I select the expansion only in OF, it doesn’t work anywhere else.

So, I’m back to square one. No solution to the problem.

I believe you can make a snippet group app specific but not just a single snippet.

Works both ways for me. Even 1(space)h(space) works.

@dustinknopoff’s response below is correct. If you follow the directions in my link you can make a specific group called “OF bugfix” or somesuch and place any snippet that you only want to expand in OF there.

Yes, it works. I appreciate the help.

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