App Store Software Update

tl/dr: Trying to troubleshoot/repair app updating in the App Store app. After booting in safe mode, the App Store only shows one of the apps recently updated, but no longer shows the apps needing updates nor is there a notification icon on the App Store app (kept in my dock).

For the past few days, my App Store app has shown that I have 5-6 apps that have updates. I’ve tried updating them from the app to no avail. I presume it has something to do with internet and bandwidth, as this happens occasionally and I either switch from our terrible home internet to my phone as a hotspot, my jetpack hotspot, or go to somewhere with better internet and it allows the updates.

Today, I was doing chores and decided to try the phone then hotspot. Neither worked. I’d hit the update button and it would look like it was starting, but not update the apps. I checked speed and was getting good up and down speed. Started looking for similar problems. I’d already restarted the computer, etc. Tried restarting my computer in safe mode to see if there was a 3rd party program causing interference. When I opened the App Store in safe mode, it didn’t show my apps needing updates, only one of my recently updated apps - Slack. And for the life of me, I cannot get the App Store to show me the apps in need of updating.

If I search for the app then go to it’s specific page in the App Store, I can see there is an update, but cannot get the update page to show the apps that need updates.

Any ideas or tips here?

This has been the case for me since Catalina was introduced, and continues now on Big Sur. About every 14 days the App Store seems to wake up and tell me I have updates. Otherwise, I need to go to individual apps to check if updates are needed.

I have CleanMyMac X (via Setapp). I don’t use the Update feature, but it’s always aware of what updates are available. So I check that list, then open AppStore to that app and install the update. A weird workaround, it’s true.

I find CleanMyMac a painless way to handle updates.

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