App Store update problems

For the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve had problems on my iPhone and iPad, when I try updating apps from the App Store. I’ll press the update button, the button turns to a circle and starts rotating. Most of the time, the circle will turn back into the update button, other times the apps take an extremely long time to update. When there are more than a few apps to be updated, I need to press Update All many times- even then some apps still won’t update.

This happens ate more than 1 WiFi hotspot, so it’s not limited to my intenet provider at home.

Has anyone else had problems like this lately?

You’re not running the iOS 13 beta by any chance?

I never run betas. ,

Same problem. I just try later on. It happens whether on wifi or not.

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I’m having the same problem. So I just let the update all run and then press update all again, repeat as needed.

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Are your devices connected to some kind of mobile device management system, e.g. Jamf?

I’m on iOS 13 Public Beta and encounter this issue, so it’s not the beta?

No, I’ve never even heard of that

Is your network pointing at your ISP’s DNS? If so, what happens if you point your device to another DNS provider? I always use and/or

I have these issues from multiple locations, not just at home.
it also happens where i work

Did you try logging out of the App Store, rebooting, then logging back in? Might be a caching issue somewhere with the device you’re using.


I second this suggestion.
Try ligging out (don’t get scared about the messages) and logging back in.

I reboot my devices daily, but will try logging out

I assume you mean logging out of my Apple account-

Logging out of the App Store account, from the App Store app.