App to “budget” self-indulgences?

As part of a soft self-improvement program, I’m looking for an app to let me set weekly or monthly limits to some activities (e.g. max 3 coke per week, 1 red meat per month, …), track them and be able to see what I can “afford” on a given day or weekend or when I went over my limit.
Any suggestions?

This reminds me of Richard Simmons’ Deal a Meal :slight_smile:

Create a list in the Reminders app with all your indulgences for the week/month. When you indulge, check the item off. At the start of the next time interval (week/month), Show completed tasks and uncheck the items.

You do this in a couple simple ways: either log the items on your calendar when indulged (accessible by completing a quick search), or you could make Numbers or Excel sheet, giving you a bit of room to add columns for more details later and the like.

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You could repurpose one of the countless habit trackers to set and count indulgence ‘goals’

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The app “Streaks” can track the number of “misses” per day for a negative habit. But that might be hard to adjust to weekly, monthly goals.

Maybe take a look at the app Tally - you can use it by itself or in conjunction with shortcuts and you can have it count down or count up from a set number with a tap. It has a today widget. You can also set the tally to reset to a specific number (like 3 cokes).

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I simply opened a Monzo account and transfer in there X amount a month to cover all my daily expenses and fun money.

At anytime you can open the app and see how you have spent within each of the budgets you set (transportation costs, meals out, groceries, fun money etc).

Monzo gives you a debit card and each time you pay for something it shows on the app and auto-categorises.

This is the cleanest approach I’ve found which prevents me from over-spending and no fiddling around.

Thanks all. I think there is space for a new app here! I have Streaks and will try to build on it. Might have to resort to Numbers

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I find myself doing this quite often lol

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