App to get airpods’ battery status on a Mac?

is there an app or widget that displays if the AirPods are charging?

In Control Center (I think that’s what it’s called), click Sound and you should see them in the list. Open the case if they aren’t listed or you can’t see the battery status.


AirBuddy can do this and warn you when battery is low.


thanks, was looking in the right sidebar for a widget but this is what I was looking for, very useful

will visit the website, the warning is useful before jumping into a meeting, thanks

I used Airbuddy but for AirPods it seems that I have to open the lid to get the battery status, is that your experience? Also I install airbuddy on two Mac and they do not seem to be in sync

You get the popup if you open the lid. But if you configure it to show an icon in the menu bar, you can click there (or use a keyboard shortcut) to get the battery status.

An alternative is ToothFairy which, I believe, lets you display the battery status at all times.

I don’t sync airbuddy between macs so I’m afraid I don’t know about that side of things.