App to rip CDs in var. formats?

Can anyone recommend an app or a service for ripping CDs in the following formats all at once:

  • flac
  • m4a
  • mp3
  • wav


Have you tried Max?
Looks like a good way to backup your CDs.

Have you checked the import settings on apple Music app - it can do some of these…

you might

  • import all as .wav - then you could …

  • take all .wav and make settings to .m4a

  • then take all .wav again and change .mp3

no Flac however

A note of caution: while the latest version of Max is 64-bit app, it is Intel-only currently and was last updated in 2020.

X Lossless Decoder: Lossless audio decoder for Mac OS X

An old staple among audio rippers for Mac OS X.

Not sure if it‘ll do it „all at once“ - but requiring that would seriously limit choices. And shouldn’t be that hard to achieve by scripting or even manually.

I used DBPoweramp + its companion CD ripper app to digitize a big chunk of my very large CD collection to FLAC files and to convert already ripped WAV files to FLAC. It was straightforward, fast, and accurate and I wished I’d used it from the get-go instead of the piece of audiophile hardware and its bespoke software I’d been persuaded to use to get “bit perfect” WAV files. I don’t know if it will output multiple formats at once, though, but it handles batch conversions just fine.

Wow, I remember DBPoweredamp from my Windows days back in the 2000s! Glad to hear it’s still around.

The apps are updated regularly, but the website looks like they haven’t touched it since version 1.0. :wink:

Pro Audio Converter does multiple formats in one go. It doesn’t look like it will read off CD, nor therefore look up the metadata. But if you used something like Apple Music to do the initial conversion, it will very efficiently do all the other conversions.

Plus one for dBpoweramp Music Converter.

Not the best looking app in the world, but definitely the best and most flexible for ripping audio cd’s.

Thanks all. I will try to to see what works for me. Preserving the metadata is crucial to me :slight_smile:

What metadata is there on audio CDs?

Afaik, there’s very little, if any, metadata on audio CDs. Metadata is usually fetched from internet databases - so rather „supplemented“ from outside sources than „preserved“.

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They could use CD-Text, but I don’t think many audio CD’s do?

Hey, actually these CDs are a new recordings of albums that the record label I work for are issuing for the first time. So they have not been publicised before - that’s what I have to do

Well, in that case you (as in your company) should have access to the digital masters, right? No need to rip anything off a CD, just export from the source files in required formats.

Seems like an odd workflow to add after the actual CD production. What am I missing here?

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That’s a really good question that I have been pondering myself (I just started the position)

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So apparently the music files has to pass through a program called HOFA DDP Player V2 in order to make them useful. It outputs the files with the correct time tracks for each movement. But still an extra in the process for me