App to track patients evolution


I’m a psychoanalyst and I’m looking for an Mac app to keep track of patients evolution.

I don’t want to use regular Pages documents. I’m looking for something more organized, like having all patients data in only one app.

Any suggestions, please?

On the input side, what do you need to store? Is it mostly just text? Or do you need to store other media and file formats too (photos, PDFs, word processing docs, spreadsheets)?

On the output side, what are your needs around accessing the information once it’s stored? Just look up by patient? Search across everything? Export to other formats? What else do you need to do with the data?

Hi, khit,

It’s just plain text.

I’d like to be able to access from my iPhone and iPad and to export to pdf.

It’s a pretty basic usage, actually.

Hi there, meannig,

Well, it must be protected, of course - but there’s no problem storing it in the cloud.

I don’t need interface with other area - all the accounting is kept in other app.

I strongly suggest whatever tool you use has encryption - your carrying what could be what my field calls PII _ Personally identifiable information (unless you mean medical records - no SSN, birthdates etc) -
it sounds like you need a custom CRM tool - airtable comes to mind but not sure of that vendor encyption capabilities

Just yesterday I took a look at Ulysses and got really impressed. I really like the minimalistic interface.

I didn’t know It had all these features.

Thank you very much!

Hello, digerati,

I’m reading about Airtable and It seems really good.

Thanks for replying.

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