Apple announces plans to shut down the iconic platform iTunes

Well it IS News Ltd / Murdoch so they struggle…

Misunderstand the difference between the iTunes app and the whole downloads eco-system.

I still “buy” content that I really want beyond streaming - anyone else?

Actually, Apple has NOT announced this. It may well be that they will announce it on Monday. As of now we just have a rumor. It’s crazy to me that newspapers are so sloppy with headlines. Perhaps it’s not sloppy so much as no regard for being truthful or accurate. Rumor is good enough?

Stephen Colbert had his whole joke about truthiness and really, hear we are. Facts and truth are now quaint and we just have rumor and truthiness.


As you alluded, media companies, née newspapers.

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Assuming, for the moment, that this will be announced at WWDC next week, here are my thoughts. I like the power of iTunes for music library organization. I have no comment on the bloat complaints other people have because I use the music-library features more than anything else. I don’t find the app bloated or slow, personally. I have no problem with Apple “divesting” iTunes into several more narrowly focused apps. I just hope that if Apple is doing (has done?) this, that the new Music app will have all the power for organizing my music library that I presently have with iTunes (including scripting, editing album and song info, creating smart playlists, etc.). In fact, I hope that those organizational features will migrate to the iOS app. I’m an Apple Music subscriber, but all the work I do to organize my library is on my Mac because the current Apple Music app is too bare bones to suit my needs.

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It would appear that Music = iTunes without TV or podcasts. Seems fine to me since I use iTunes only for music and not TV or podcasts, which get a separate app anyway.

Everyone’s been complaining of iTunes bloat for years and now it’s fixed.