Apple Books needs 1 more feature

I love Apple Books. I live in tiny space and don’t bring in any printed thing unless something I have goes out, so my books, magazines etc are digital.

Can anyone tell me why Apple has not integrated Apple Pencil into Apple Books. I know I can use it to highlight, underline and navigate, but I’m a scribbler. Sometimes I want to circle something or draw an arrow or jot a few words. Why or why does Apple not allow us to make a hand written note on an Apple Book page? I know I can type a note but it’s not an organic experience. I’m a constant user of Notability and depending on for what I use it, I alternately type or handwrite. I’d love the option in Apple Books,

Happy New Year, everyone

Books needs a lot more tweaking. On Kindle I can easily put a book into multiple collections via a list which has checkmarks next to each collection a book is in. On Books I can select a book and drop it into a collection at a time, but (a) you can’t see which (or how many) collections a book is in, and (b) there’s no way to select multiple collections for a book to be put into (eg Already Read & NonFiction) at the same time.


and why can’t spotlight search find a book IN the Books app???

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Maybe more than 1. Like reading two books simultaneously on the iPad.