Apple Car Chief Joins Ford

I would like to see Apple release their own vehicle at some point. Tesla has very little competition.

At least we have this to be (somewhat) excited about! :sunglasses:

Tesla has plenty of competition, yes, most are behind but they’re catching up fast.

The Jaguar iPace is a better car to drive than the Tesla Model S or the Tesla Model 3.

The difference is that those competitors are building cars, Tesla is building a computer to be a car. I worry that they’ll soon take all of the fun out of it.

Now, you wouldn’t be just a littled biased would you? :rofl: Said in complete jest!

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Nope, I had a Model 3 for a year and loved it, but after a test drive, the Jag was the best.

I suspected as much but I couldn’t help but rib you a bit seeing the Union Jack. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll add that the Jag looks a lot better!!

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Jaguar iPace is $175,000 in Aus, think I had better pass

only about ÂŁ70k in the UK. about the same as the Model S

We can only hope that those competitors actually start producing production units at some point…

Aren’t the vehicles mentioned above all in production?

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I think you need to look what’s actually on sale out there. plenty of car companies are producing electric only vehicles at all sorts of price points. Volvo (both Volvo and Polestar), VW, Audi, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Kia, Vauxhall/Opal, Fiat, Jaguar, Ford, Hyundai, MG, Citroen, Peugeot, BMW, Skoda.

2 years ago, choice was really limited, but now there are so many choices out there to meet so many different needs from people. I hope that purchase prices come down, but the cost to run an EV is so low compared to a gas car that over it’s lifetime you save significant amounts of money, unless you’re exceptionally low mileage.

The general press and those who haven’t done the research fixate on Tesla because it was the first real mover, and it is an aspirational brand, but the market is so much bigger, especially for those who can’t afford Tesla or don’t need a 250 mile range.

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Rivian just started production I believe.