Apple Card 6% Daily Cash on Apple Store purchases

To those who bought a new MacBook using the Apple Card, have you seen this show up for you?

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I haven’t been charged for my MacBook Pro preorder yet. The dongles I bought on Tuesday are showing as 3% daily cash.

Getting 6% on that MacBook Pro would be nice though.


That would be great and more when I just payed a 11.5 sales tax here in Puerto Rico. I was charged with a 3%… I chatted with support and they say that is not truth but you know, at the end is about making more money for them.

Oh wow. Combine that with corporate discount. Awesome.

Need to convince wife that I need a new MBP 16

@sangadi How much does one get with corporate discount? And does it apply only to Macs or iOS devices as well

3 to 6 %.
MacBooks are usually 6%
Accessories 3%.

Back in uni ( which was over 10 years), we were provided with a link to the education store which gives me 11% Macs. I have since only used that and works well. I know I am no a student anymore but I am perfectly fine if Apple makes a little less money from me lol

If you learn anything new. You are a student. We are all students here at MPU. So the discount justifies. I should check my University Discount now. Thanks @merecivilan

In the UK, we have to verify each time now to enter the Mac Education store.

Not complaining, as I get the discount, but every so often, I’ll have to verify with UniDays (which works for discount at Apple, but I don’t get student discounts at Spotify or the like, which I guess is fair enough as I’m a staff member, not a student!)

Oh, well…

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