Apple Card and Apple ID lockout?

Just saw this article in my Feedly. I’m trying to imagine a backup plan for something like this.

Hmmm. That is disturbing and hopefully this was a mistake that Apple will correct.

Enough for me not to get an Apple Card. I’d be in a pretty tough spot if all my Apple data was held hostage (regardless of whose fault it is).

The situation’s admittedly a mess, but there’s also more to the story:

He was still in possession of a Mac that was supposed to have been partial payment (trade-in) for one he’d just purchased.

Though they never sent him the box in which to ship it back. Honest mistakes on both sides, but the punishment doesn’t really fit the crime.

There’s always more to the story. It’s fascinating that because of their tight connections then they can lock everything out. Does not seem built for resiliency.

Isn’t the card irrelevant in this case? Seems like they would have reacted the same no matter what the card.

Edit: Disregard, I read the actual blog post and understand what happened now.

This situation shares certain aspects of the game developer whose account was banned by Google. A good reminder that Apple is a business and will protect its interests like any other. Yet another reason to keep good backups of our files and email regardless of our cloud and email provider.

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As I originally thought, it had nothing to do with the Apple Card, but because of the trade-in attached to his account. It wouldn’t have mattered what card he used, since he failed to return the item.


Good follow-up on that