Apple Card double discount

FYI. Apple Card is now giving you 6% on Apple store (physical and online) purchases til end of the year.

I just called Apple Card and asked about a laptop purchase I just made a few days ago. The only option was to return it and buy it again to get the 6% instead of the normal 3%. Given that it would be $80, it kinda sucks but it would be a lot of time to sink.

So this is just an FYI for others.

I couldn’t find any info on the promotion on the page linked above, but here’s a tweet from Apple about it.

Sorry, that link worked and then stopped working.

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I’m going to remember that timing for next year when I purchase a 5G iPhone 11 Pro MegaMax.

EDIT: I see 9To5Mac wrote about it overnight:

It’s a good deal for those buying hardware.

I wish it applied to all Apple purchases, though. Most of my subscriptions run through Apple, so I initially got excited, then read the fine print. Oh, well.

So right now the Apple Card purchase options are 6% back on outright purchases, 3% back on the monthly payments in the iPhone Upgrade Program, or - rolling out today - 0% interest over two years on monthly payments for purchases.